Mahi is in trouble with her husband

Personal Correspondent: Actress Mahia Mahi and her husband Rakib Sarkar have been booked under the Digital Security Act. On Friday (March 17) night, Gazipur Metropolitan Police Basan police station SI Rokon Mia filed the case as the plaintiff.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam told the media, “As they are accused in the case, Mahi and her husband can be arrested at any time.”

He said that the police have filed a case against them under the Digital Security Act for defaming their image.

Besides, local resident Ismail Hossain has filed another case against Mahi and her husband on the charge of land grabbing. He held a press conference in this regard on Friday evening in his own office on the second floor of SK Market in Chandana Chowrasta area.

Mahi, who was performing Umrah with her husband, accused Raqib’s car showroom of vandalism and assault on Facebook live from Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

She claimed that her husband has a car showroom named ‘Soniraj Car Palace’ on the east side of Alam Government College in Bhawal Badr. Miscreants attacked there. They broke the gate of the showroom and entered and vandalized the furniture, doors and windows, tables and chairs. The signboard of the showroom has been opened. The office ransacked and looted money.

Mahi alleged that the attack was carried out under the leadership of Ismail Hossain alias Laden and Mamun Sarkar. At that time, Mahi accused Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam of taking ‘bribe’ on Facebook.

Mahi said, ‘Gazipur Police Commissioner Mullah Nazrul is taking possession of our car showroom to Ismail alias Laden in exchange of one and a half crore rupees.’

Molya Nazrul Islam said, ‘He (Mahi) is trying to gain people’s sympathy by lying on social media Facebook. He has embarked on a mission to debunk the police by making sweeping allegations against the police. But neither Mahi nor her husband came to me with any matter related to land. We do not know those against whom he has complained on Friday.’

The commissioner also said, ‘On Friday morning, the police were sent as soon as the matter was known. On sensing the presence of the police, both parties fled. This happened because of their land dispute. At this time several people including Ismail Hossain were injured. They are under treatment. In this incident, Ismail, who was injured on Friday night, filed a case against 28 people at Basan police station. He said that the investigation is going on.

Local resident Ismail Hossain held a press conference after Mahi’s Facebook Live. He counter-charged in the press conference and said that Rakib Sarkar has occupied about 11 percent of his land and made a car showroom. He has complained about this to various departments of the government starting from the Home Minister.

A few months ago, Mahia Mahi came into wide discussion about the collection of nomination papers of Awami League in the by-election of Chapainawabganj-2 (Gomstapur-Nachol-Bholahat) seat. Mass communication in the area. But in the end, this Dhaka heroine was not nominated by the Parliamentary Nomination Board of Awami League.

Mahia Mahi’s husband Rakib Sarkar was also the co-editor of the relief and social welfare sub-committee of the former Awami League committee. Besides, he was actively involved in the politics of Chhatra League.

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