‘Look alike’, Ram Charan in Kohli’s biopic

Entertainment Desk: Cricketer Sourav Ganguly’s biopic has been in the headlines for several months. The script is being made, the news was informed by the Maharaja himself. There was a lot of discussion about who would play the lead role. The news went viral like a storm.

But this time Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, has taken center stage. There is a lot of buzz in cinemas about his biopic. Everyone is more or less interested in the life of cricketers. The few films that have been made about their biographies in the past, almost all of them have been in the center of practice. Kohli was not left out of the list.

Team ‘RRR’ made everyone proud when Oscar came to India recently. The song ‘Natu Natu’ is a new feather in the crown of Rajamouli-directed film. Now there are strong speculations about the two stars of that film. This song by Ram Charan and Junior Antri has taken the world by storm.

Ram Charan, who is in the lime light, said in an interview that he wants to work in any script about sports. He likes this very much. long dream

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Then, in an interview with India Today, the question arose about Virat Kohli’s biopic. Ram Charan said with a smile that he would be very happy to play this role. Virat Kohli is an inspiration. Even they look alike. Although there is no speculation about Virat’s biopic in the cinema right now. However, the directors can be active based on this desire of Ram Charan’s mind. Now Ram Charan is slowly returning to the next project in hand.

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