Leaving a big job and selling trumpets, daily income is 15 lakhs

A simple meal changed a couple’s life. After quitting his job in Mota Mine, he now earns about 15 lakh taka (12 lakh rupees) a day only by selling shingara.

Times of India and Zee News reported that highly educated Nidhi Singh and Shikhar Vir Singh were in high paying corporate jobs. After leaving the job, Nidhi and Shikhar started the business of selling trumpets in Bangalore, India in 2016. They are now earning much more than the salary of that job. The couple is earning around 12 lakh rupees (fifteen and a half lakh taka) per day just by selling shingara.

According to the news, the couple first started the business with a small shop. But when they realized they needed a bigger kitchen to grow the business, the couple sold their flat. Nidhi and Shikhar rented a factory in Bangalore with that money.

Nidhi and Shikhar, both residents of Haryana, broke all their savings and invested a total of around Rs 80 lakh to rent a large kitchen space. After that, the couple did not look back.

The couple quit their jobs in 2015 and opened their own outlet in Bengaluru called ‘Samosa Singh’. Their outlets are very popular. This brand named ‘Samosa Singh’ sells around thirty thousand samosas a day. The monthly turnover of the business is about Rs.45 crores.

Nidhi and Shikhar met while studying B.Tech in Biotechnology at Kurukshetra University. After that Shikhar went to Hyderabad and completed his M Tech. Shikhar resigned while serving as Principal Scientist at Biocon.

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