Kolkata | ATCO | With the largest continental airspace under the control of Kolkata ATCO, pollution will be reduced and fuel will be saved

Kolkata | ATCO | With the largest continental airspace under the control of Kolkata ATCO, pollution will be reduced and fuel will be saved

Kolkata: A long flight route is coming under the control of Kolkata Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCO) by the end of this month. According to the news, 1.7 Lakh Sq. KM of Varanasi Airspace will be under Kolkata ATCO 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Secure Direct Routing or Direct Flight from Kolkata to Delhi and East, North-East India in any direction, even towards the Nation’s Capital Aircraft coming towards Straight Flight Path will be helped as a result.

Direct routing means Efficient Flight Paths. This results in less time and fuel savings, collectively reducing air pollution.
An official of the concerned airport told an all India media, “From March 31, the relevant Vast Airspace will control the ATC located on the third floor of the Air Traffic Services Building. Be it problems in planes, or weather management (Weather System), in any emergency situations (Emergency Situations) coordination can be done very easily.” As a result, danger in the airspace will also be avoided and the flight path will become safer.

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Another ATC official said, “As a result of direct routing, the pilots will not need to change the frequency (Frequency Change). As a result, coordination load on both pilots and controllers will be reduced. With the entire airspace under radar coverage, controllers can include more aircraft on the route.” He also said, according to the controllers, this step will eliminate errors, accidents and coordination problems in the flight path.

According to published reports, the entire upper airspace between Khajuraho and Lucknow in the west and between Dibrugarh and Agartala in the east (airway at 25,000 feet altitude) will come under the control of Kolkata ATC. going on Statistics show that with the addition of this new route, Kolkata Airport is going to have a total of 14.7 Lakh Sq. KM of airspace under ATCO in the coming days. It is going to become the Largest Continental Airspace by the end of this month. In this case, Kolkata crossed Chennai (Chennai). Chennai Airport has an airspace of 14.3 lakh sq km under the control of ATCO. But in terms of total coverage, Chennai is ahead. They have 47 lakh square km of continental and oceanic airspace. From that side, Kolkata has a total airspace of 18.5 lakh square km.

Calcutta area controllers will manage 250-300 flights when Varanasi’s upper airspace is fully under control by the end of the month. As a result of the increase in jurisdiction of Kolkata Air Traffic Region (ATR), controllers will manage 15 International Routes, 37 Crossings and 10 Converging Points. It is going to be the most challenging air traffic region in the country. Besides, all jet planes coming to Kolkata Air Traffic Region will be controlled from Kolkata from now on. However, landing and taking off (Land or Take Off) in ATR and related areas, including other turbo-prop aircraft or small planes (Turbo-prop Aircraft or Small Planes) and narrow-body planes (Narrow-body Planes) above 25,000 feet All aircraft flying below will be controlled by Local ATCs. There are seven continental and one oceanic airspace under Kolkata Flight Information Region (FIR). The upper airspace was last integrated in January 2021. Trial Runs are going on in Varanasi Upper Airspace from October 2021. The integration of these two airspaces has been delayed due to technical and administrative issues.

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