Jam’s thoughts are over, the world’s first ‘flying bike’ is here

The concept of flying cars has already been conceived by common people. But this time the world’s first flying bike (Flying Bike) has come to the public. This flying bike is the first to come to the public in the United States. Netizens are saying after seeing the viral video, Star Wars’ Speeder bike seems to be the world’s first flying bike. Hoverbike is built by Japanese start-up AERWINS Technologies. This hoverbike debuted at the Detroit Auto Show. A video of this flying bike has already been released. The video has gone viral on Twitter.

This is the world’s first flying bike. Its name is XTURISMO hoverbike. In the video that went viral, this bike was seen flying in the air. Then the bike was seen to land again. The bike floats on zero. Then it flew around a bit and landed successfully. Everyone was surprised to see the world’s first flying bike.

A few days ago a video of a flying bike was seen in a post on Instagram. A picture was also shared along with the video in that post. Many of the users have said that this is not a bike, but a large drone. Some have also said that it has a lot in common with the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II.

The Pegassi Oppressor Mk II is a custom hover bike that appeared in the Grand Theft Auto game. Many have even claimed that this is the future of the world, it won’t be long before traffic jams will be seen in the sky more than the ground. Some added, as these flying bikes fly in the sky, they will obstruct the flight path of birds.

It is said that this flying bike can fly in the sky for 40 minutes and its maximum speed can be 62 mph. The sale of this bike has already started in Japan. It is heard that this flying bike will be launched in the United States this year. Moreover, this special bike is going to be launched in America in 2023. However, nothing is known about when this bike will be launched in India and whether it will be launched at all. It is known that the price of this world’s first flying bike or Flying Biker can be approximately $ 777,000.

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