Iran’s successful ballistic missile test

Iran successfully ২০০০ kilometers range to eat in the name a Ballistic the missile launching did says of the country state owned mass media told of Israel armed of the forces chief of Iran nuclear of the program about of the country againststepsof acceptance of possibility talk pick up two days after Tehran A test drove of the Middle East in One of the the largest the missile program there is of Iran the country told, their the missile Israel And that in the region to stay US in the bases injury to chase can United States And the european of countries opposition despite Tehran told, they are theirdefensivethe missile of the program More development will make one In the statement of Iran Defense Minister Mohammed Reza Ashtiani saidof Iran the enemies per our the message being, we are our the country And of Achievements protection will do our friends per our the message being, regional In the stability we are help to do wantof Iran state owned Television footage broadcasting by doing that Khoramshahr Ballistic of missiles developed version whose range ২০০০ kilometers (১২৪৩ miles) And that ১৫০০ Kg Warhead carrying to do capable of says toldIRNA

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