In Hindenburg’s sensational report, the name of this Indian girl, what is her real identity, do you know?

Amrita Ahuja Hindenburg Report: The Indian woman’s name is in the latest Hindenburg report that created sensation. Who is he?

Hindenburg Research in the headlines once again. Just a few months ago they published an explosive report on Gautam Adani and his Adani Group. Adani will sincerely wish that the incident at the end of January does not happen again. But Hindenburg’s two-year study caused Adani’s shares to plummet. Adani lost thousands of crores of rupees overnight on the basis of these allegations of rigging and falsifying the share price. He has also moved away from the third richest person in the world.

Now this American organization has exploded again. This time, however, their target is Jack Dorsey. Who is known to the whole world as the founder of popular social media Twitter. But not only Twitter, Jack Dorsey is involved in many other businesses. One such company of his is Block Inc. Hindenburg basically opened his mouth against this payment firm. They claim that there is a lot of rigging and fraud in this organization. Here too, after two years of research, they have appeared with all the evidence. The statement, 40 to 75 percent of the account of the block organization is fake! The former employees of the company themselves have said so. Along with this, the cost figure for the customers has also been reduced by the block company.

In this way, the company called Block Inc. has increased its share price little by little. And the name of an Indian was also involved in this fraud and manipulation. Hindenburg’s recent report that has created a sensation, contains the name of the woman. Amrita Ahuja, COO and CFO (Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer) at Peshaye Block Inc. His name is famous in business circles from a very young age. Little by little he made his place. Why suddenly Hindenburg’s name came up in the report? What is the matter?

Let’s start from the beginning. Amrita Ahuja is actually a diaspora Indian. He is a resident of America. According to the Wall Street Journal report, he lived with his parents in Cleveland. Their family has a small daycare business. From there it grew little by little. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. Amrita has worked successfully in famous and big companies like Walt Disney, Blizzard Entertainment, Fox Networks, Morgan Stanley. Even, Amrita Ahuja made it to Forbes magazine’s 50 over 50 list in 2021.

According to reports, in 2018, he joined Jack Dorsey’s block firm as Chief Financial Officer or CFO. Everyone is satisfied with his work. But why did his name appear in Hindenburg’s report? First of all, being the CFO, he is responsible for all the accounting, financial downturn or good condition of the organization. Amrita Ahuja should not be avoided. And that he is perfect in his work, it is known by looking at his biography. So what happened in his presence? How rigged?

Amrita is also associated with this work? Although not explicitly indicated, according to Hindenburg, Amrita, like other high-ranking officials, poured millions of dollars into Block’s stock. This is how the share stock is artificially inflated. The bloc’s stock market collapsed after the Hindenburg report was published. The stock fell by 20 percent. Now what will be the next situation, the eyes of the world trade world.

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