Imran’s strong push, the Islamabad court upheld the arrest warrant

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Sundeep Sinha

16th March 2023 6:16 pm | Last Update 16th March 2023 6:30 pm

Correspondent, Islamabad: The relief received from the Lahore High Court did not last long for former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Additional Sessions Judge of Islamabad District Court Zafar Iqbal rejected the plea to withdraw the bailable arrest warrant issued against the PTI Chairman on Thursday. He said that he will not cancel the arrest warrant based on any bond. The PTI leadership could not decide whether to approach the Islamabad High Court or the Supreme Court challenging the order of the Additional Sessions Judge.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan approached the Additional Sessions Judge of Islamabad today to withdraw the arrest warrant issued against him in the Tosakhana case. His lawyer said, ‘Due to security, the former prime minister could not appear in person at the lower court. If the arrest warrant is suspended, he must appear in court.’ However, Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal did not want to accept that argument. Addressing the PTI chairman’s lawyer, he replied, “The issue of suspending the arrest warrant will be considered only if the former prime minister surrenders to the court.”

In the afternoon, the judge rejected Imran’s plea and upheld the arrest warrant. In addition, the verdict pointed out that Islamabad and Lahore police had to face a brutal attack by PTI workers while arresting Imran last Tuesday and said, ‘The way the petitioner (Imran Khan) has turned his workers-supporters against the police to prevent his arrest, he cannot get any legal protection. .’

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