I was mentally tortured: Mahi

Entertainment Desk: Mahiya Mahi, a popular film actress in Dhaka, was released on bail after serving 5 hours of imprisonment in a case filed by the police under the Digital Security Act. I am overwhelmed with emotion. I have no words to express my gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The actress said, ‘I have shot a lot in movies. I have seen that people suffer a lot in prisons. But I was very peaceful inside the prison.’ He said, ‘After getting off the plane, the immigration police didn’t let me talk to anyone. The entire airport is empty. My uncle came to speak, he was pushed and thrown. I have become such a big culprit? I was not such a big accused.’

Naikkar said, ‘I did live, I spoke against someone. He filed a case under digital law, I am the accused in that case. But I am not a traitor. I spoke against injustice.’

She added, ‘I am Mahiya Mahi, I am appalled by the mental torture I have been subjected to despite being a familiar face. The car that took me from the airport to Gazipur was very hot. I asked for a bottle of cold water, they took an hour to buy it.’

Expressing concern about her husband’s safety, Mahi said, ‘My husband is also accused in the same case. What will happen to my husband when he comes to the country that I have not received the humanity even though I am 9 months pregnant? I am very worried about my husband’s safety.’

Mahi at the press conference after coming out of jail

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