How much prize money Bangladesh is getting in Test Championship?

Bangladesh-Ireland match. Photo: Walton


Bangladesh-Ireland match. Photo: Walton

The organizing body has announced the prize money for this year’s edition of the ICC World Test Championship. According to the announcement of the International Cricket Council (ICC), a total of 3.8 million dollars will be distributed among the 9 teams participating in the second season. Bangladesh is in ninth position in this tournament. Bangladesh is going to get one hundred thousand dollars as a location.

Bangladesh has one win and one draw after playing 12 matches in the championship. Got a total of 16 points. The only win came against Ireland in the first week of April this year by 7 wickets.

The final of the second season of the Test Championship will be held at The Oval in London on June 7. Earlier today Friday (May 26) ICC announced the prize money on its official website.

The total prize money amount is 38 lakh dollars or about 40 crore 73 lakh taka. There champion team will get 1.6 lakh dollars or about 17 crore 15 lakh taka. The runner-up team will get half of it. That is, eight lakh dollars or eight crore 60 lakh taka.

All teams participating in the tournament will get a share of the prize money. The third place team South Africa will get $450,000. England and Sri Lanka, which are in fourth and fifth place respectively, will get three hundred fifty thousand and two hundred thousand dollars.

Each of the remaining four teams will receive one hundred thousand dollars. Where New Zealand is sixth, Pakistan seventh, West Indies eighth and Bangladesh ninth.

All in all, the total prize money is 3.8 million dollars. Last year the amount was the same.

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