How many 2000 rupee notes can be exchanged at a time?

Bank of demonetisation: The Reserve Bank has announced the sudden withdrawal of 2000 rupee notes from the market. Several questions have arisen in the minds of common people about depositing or changing these notes. Find out the answers to all those questions…

Cancel the note once again! Pink 2000 rupee notes are going to come out of the market. The Reserve Bank of India has set a deadline in this regard. Those who have Rs 2,000 notes have been instructed to deposit them in the bank by September 30. RBI has asked banks to immediately stop issuing Rs 2,000 notes. However, several differences between the 2016 demonetisation and this year’s demonetisation are being noticed from the very beginning. This time the Reserve Bank of India issued the guidelines not overnight but with some time. Not only that, like the old 500 rupee notes and 1000 rupee notes, the 2000 rupee notes are not losing their validity. So, common man can still use 2000 rupee bank notes for transactions. However, RBI is encouraging these banknotes to be deposited in banks or exchanged on or before September 30.

Already several questions have arisen in the minds of common people about depositing or exchanging these notes. A number of rules have also been issued by the RBI to remove those confusions. Let’s see at a glance if you have a 2000 rupee note, then how to change it and also let’s know how much money you can deposit in the bank at once.

1. The exchange or deposit of this 2000 rupee note will start from May 23. Will continue till September 30. If you have Tk 2000 notes you can go to the bank and deposit it in your own account or go to any branch of the bank and get other bank notes instead of Tk 2000 notes.

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2. Reserve Bank of India has informed that no upper limit is generally kept for depositing Rs 2000 notes if proper KYC is updated in your account. However, it is being requested by the bank so that the daily work of the bank is not stressed, therefore up to 20,000 rupees notes can be changed at a time.

3. On the other hand, it has been stated in the guidelines that up to Tk 4,000 notes of Tk 2,000 can be exchanged through business correspondents.

4. In case of exchange of this 2000 rupee note, RBI said that having your account in the bank from which you want to exchange is not a failure. A non-account holder can also exchange bank notes of Rs 2,000 up to Rs 2,000 at a time in any branch of any bank.

5. Besides, it has been informed that the bank will issue benefits to the elderly and physically disabled people. RBI has asked concerned bank staff to keep an eye on them so that they are read with as little difficulty as possible.

6. RBI deems four months to be enough time, warning to switch in between. The Reserve Bank of India has not yet said anything specific about what will happen to those who cannot exchange the old 2000 rupee notes and get other notes within this specified period.

7. Above all, if a branch of a bank refuses to exchange or accept the Rs 2,000 note, customers can file a complaint on the Reserve Bank’s Complaint Management System portal (

Although it has been going on for some time now that the 2000 taka note is gradually disappearing from the market. Even if they went to withdraw money from the bank or ATM, the customers could not get the Tk 2000 notes. This note has also come up in the headlines several times to the effect that it may be closed. Finally the holiday bell rang. Now it’s just a matter of time. Only then all notes of 2000 rupees will disappear.

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