Headphone Jack Tips: There is no sound in headphones! This will solve it in a pinch

Headphone Jack Tips Is it possible to exclude Juliet from Romeo? Or potatoes from Singara? How will it be? Absolutely boring, isn’t it! Similarly, if the headphones don’t work on your smartphone, then the same annoyance will work among us. But we have to accept such a situation. Even if the phone is taken care of, sometimes the headphone jack of the phone gets damaged. Then our very necessary smartphones go somewhere and become useless.

Nowadays smartphones are not only for calling or entertainment. We do various important tasks from this smartphone. Sending important mails, video browsing, video calling, internet browsing – everything we can do from smartphones. Moreover, since the corona period, this phone has become indispensable in all cases, office meetings or studies. And for all this we need headphones as well as smartphones. But if suddenly your phone’s headphone jack is bad? So what to do?

No, but this time the headphones are bad but nothing to worry about. The solution is at hand. Now let’s know what to do if you face such a problem. Most smartphones today have a 3.5mm headphone jack. However, some expensive phones have omitted the headphone jack. In that case, rely on wireless neck bands or Air Pods. But know what to do if the headphone jack is bad.

First you need to check your earphones. Sometimes it happens that the earphone is not working properly. And you think the Jack has gone bad. In this case, test by plugging in other earphones first. If that doesn’t work, then the headphone jack is bad.

In case of such problem, first you need to check if your headphones are working properly. Sometimes the headphones don’t work properly even if the jack is fine. And we think there is a problem with the phone. So first check your phone jack with another headphone if it is ok. If not, you can try the following method.

Sometimes the jacks of our smartphones get dirt. Dust gets in. As a result, headphones do not connect properly with the jack. Which causes this problem. So you can clean the dirt on the headphone jack. In many cases, the problem is resolved.

Again many times our phone gets wet due to rain or other reasons. Water can also get into the headphone jack. And due to this humidity problem, sometimes the headphone jack does not work properly. If such a problem occurs, you can remotely use a hair dryer on medium mode to dry the water. Even then, the problem can be solved.

Bluetooth can also cause problems. When using Bluetooth on phone, many times forget to turn it off. After that whenever I plug the earphone into the headphone jack, there is no sound. So you must check if the phone’s bluetooth is turned on or if there is a problem with the bluetooth.

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