He took the golden trophy on his deathbed, how was the moment of Satyajit Ray’s Oscar?

Satyajit Ray Oscar: At that moment, the whole world saw Bengali’s world victory. Satyajit Ray received the best honor on the stage of Oscar.

The year is 1992. The day is March 30. It was late night in Kolkata. The four youths who rule the streets of the metropolis have also returned to their dormitories. Sometimes a vagrant wakes up at half a corner. An old madman sitting on the banks of the Ganga is ruffling his hair. The busy city is like a sleeping monster. At such a time, in a country several hundred kilometers away, there was a flash of splendor and light. The latitude-longitude has changed, the pattern of time has also changed. Tabard cinema artists of that time appeared on that stage. That glittering stage had only one name – Oscar.

After a while, Audrey Hepburn appeared on the stage of the Oscars in America, wearing a beautiful pink dress. Age is right; But the light of excellence of form and art is still coming out of his eyes. One of the greatest in Hollywood history, the legendary actress announced that year’s Oscar Lifetime Achievement. The scene of the train slowly came up on the stage. Apu-Durga came out of nowhere. The path came up. And Audrey Hepburn announced the name of the long-bodied, baritone-voiced man. The calculation of the day says that March 31 has arrived. And at that moment the whole world saw Bengali’s world victory. Satyajit Ray received the best honor on the stage of Oscar.

Son of Sukumar Roy, grandson of Upendrakishore Roychowdhury – this introduction would have made the beard fall. Satyajit himself did not allow it to happen. First illustration, then editing of ‘Sandesh’, work in advertising, drawing book covers – he showed signs of various talents. While doing that work, the ‘Mango Anti Bhempu’ was dropped. The matter, fixed immediately, he will present this narrative on the cinema screen. The story of ‘Pather Panchali’ is a different story. A different history, which is immortalized in the pages of culture and tradition of Bengal. That movie was made after many adversities and storms. The rest? That goes without saying.

The six foot four inch tall man had a decent voice too. He has said his words through the picture. He has taken Bengali cinema to another height. He has been working all his life, he has worked for a while. Not just filmmaking; Satyajit’s influence was far reaching. From Venice to Cannes – he has won the Best Film Award on the stage of all the best film festivals. All that was left was the world-famous golden trophy. On March 31, 1992, Oscar honored that Satyajit with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Respected by the whole world.

But alas this life! Jibanananda Das wrote in his poem, “This world once paya tare, paya nako ar”. When the Oscars came, the legendary film director was on his deathbed. Year 1983 It was getting old little by little. Satyajit’s first heart attack in service. However, he did not stop working. The body was looking for opportunities little by little. Another heart attack in 1992. The body could not take it anymore. Breathing problems worsened, debilitating in a hospital bed.

He could not go to America to bring Oscar. Instead, Oscar himself came to him. Through video recording, Satyajit Roy expressed his gratitude while lying on that bed. The golden trophy of the Oscar held tightly in the hand. And then? Just 23 days after receiving the Oscar, the walk stopped forever. Satyajit had only one sorrow. A lot of work remains. How much is not said! How much work has not been done!

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