Fugitive Lalit Modi has threatened to file a case against Rahul

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Sundeep Sinha

30th March 2023 12:26 pm

Personal Representative, London: Fraudster Lalit Modi, who fled the country, threatened to file a case against former Congress president Rahul Gandhi for commenting on the surname ‘Modi’. In a post on his Twitter handle on Thursday, he threatened to file a defamation case against Rajeev Tanay in the London court. He also threatened to expose the property of any Congress leader in London. However, Congress leaders did not pay attention to Lalit Modi’s threat.

Lalit Modi was accused of embezzling hundreds of crores of rupees while he was the chairman of IPL. Several central agencies fled the country and took refuge in London when the investigation began. Since then he has been based in London. Lalit Modi, who has always been a staunch critic of the Congress and a blind supporter of the BJP, wrote on Twitter that day, ‘Pappu’ Rahul Gandhi called me a fugitive criminal. He doesn’t know, no court has punished me. Decided to file a counter-suit against former Congress president for defaming me. I will meet him in a court in London.’

It is to be noted that, raising the issue of Nirav Modi and Lalit Modi fleeing the country, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘Why are all thieves called Modi?’ The Surat court recently sentenced the former Congress president to two years in jail for that comment. In view of that sentence, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla also rejected Rahul’s MP position.

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