From T-shirt to Hawaii, the traffic police can’t deduct the challan for these 5 reasons

Own report: At present, vehicles have reached the homes of most people in the country. Although four-wheelers have not reached everyone’s homes, it is said that two-wheelers have almost reached them. In the case of vehicles, whether four-wheeled or two-wheeled, several rules (Motor Vehicle Act) have to be followed in the case of moving out on the road. They have to face fines if they don’t follow those rules.

In the case of traveling with a vehicle on the road, starting from the driver’s license to carrying the car documents, there are also several rules in the matter of clothing. Just like that, the question of whether to ride a bike while wearing a t-shirt has been circulating among people. Because many people think that riding a bike while wearing a t-shirt violates the Motor Vehicle Act.

But it should be noted that there is no such rule in the Motor Vehicle Act. Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari himself said that no restrictions have been issued for driving vehicles wearing T-shirts or driving vehicles wearing half sleeves. Many people panic because they don’t know this.

Union Roads and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said, ‘There is no provision of challan for driving in half-sleeve shirts under the new Motor Vehicle Act.’ Apart from this, there is no penalty in the new Motor Vehicle Act for riding a bike while wearing a hawai chatti.

The Union Minister warned about the other ideas that people have, saying that no challan can be deducted for riding a motorbike wearing a half-sleeved shirt or T-shirt, lungi, Hawaiian chatti. Also, if the car is not equipped with additional lights, no traffic police can pass a challan even if the car glass is dirty.

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