Five planets together in the night sky ‘mahajot’! When will you see this cosmic scene?

Five Planets Visible in Night: Even two or three planets can be seen together. But five planets together! This happens all the time.

This whirlwind continues. And we are witnessing it. In the solar system, this planet Earth has the existence of life. And we, I mean people, keep looking at the night sky. Various things are flickering at various ends. Sometimes we take pictures of stars, other planets, stars, galaxies and storm the social media. There are many who not only see the night sky, but also study and observe all things. Not only NASA or ISRO researchers live there; Common people like you live with me.

That night sky is going to witness a rare cosmic event. Scientists say, not one or two, but five planets of the solar system will be in the sky together. And it can be seen with open eyes. If you have binoculars, you can better observe this phenomenon. Even two or three planets are seen together. Just a few days ago such an incident happened. But together the five planets of the solar system! This happens all the time. So the enthusiasts are making preparations from now.

According to scientists, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Uranus – these five planets will be together in the sky. It is also known that Venus will be slightly higher in the sky. Mercury and Jupiter will be very close to the horizon. Mars will also be in its own position. But finding Uranus requires a bit of momentum. Scientists said that a better telescope is needed for that.

But when, when will be seen this rare cosmic scene? Scientists say that the lunar solstice will come at the end of this month. After sunset on March 28, five planets will come forward little by little. You will see Venus and Jupiter very brightly with the naked eye. Mars can also catch your eye clearly. You will need binoculars to see Uranus. And if the sky is very clear, Mercury will also come into your view.

But the thought is the same. It has been raining in various parts of India including Bengal for the past few days. Cold wind, with clouds in the sky. This cloud can destroy all your plans. Because these five planets will be in a straight line for a very short time after sunset. So it is better to keep all the preparations in advance. Also pray that there are no clouds. Only then will the sixteenth grade be completed. You can witness this cosmic moment.

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