Financial institutions are open from 9:30 am to 4 pm during Ramadan

upcoming Ramadan in the month Bank extraneous financial Institution the morning half ৯টা from Afternoon ৪টা up to will continue normal the time financial Institution move on the morning ১০টা from the evening ৬টা up to sunday Bangladesh of the bank financial Institution And the market department A regarding instructions gave

of the country financial of the institution chief executive along with sent A under the guidance of to say is, Ramadan in the month financial Institution will continue the morning half ৯টা from Afternoon ৪টা up to A of time in of Zohar of prayer pause will be ১৫ minutes (Noon .১৫টা from .৩০টা up to) Ramadan months passed to be after of office schedule previous in condition back will go

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