Fans arrested while taking pictures with Messi

Argentina team had an unforgettable night. Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires lit up with fireworks. Crazy about 84 thousand visitors. With songs and various celebrations, the Argentina team made it memorable to enter the field for the first time after winning the World Cup in Qatar. In this match of Argentina’s 2-0 victory against Panama early Bangladesh time today, an unexpected incident also happened.

Spanish media AS reported that a crazed fan sneaked into the dressing room of Lionel Messi-Di Maria before the Argentina team took the field. To take a picture with Messi, that was the goal, but could not. As a result, he had to be arrested by the police. Argentinian TV channel C5N reported such news.

Monumental is the ‘home ground’ of the Argentina national team. That fan first entered the stadium area avoiding everyone’s eyes. Later entered Messi’s dressing room. AS reported that C5N’s news anchor declared, ‘There’s no way that’s happening!’

After the news spread, the media started investigating the incident. The media reported that the fan entered the stadium by hiding inside a truck used to transport various things. It is a truck of a supply company engaged in transportation to the stadium.

After entering the stadium, the fan took the opportunity to walk towards the Argentina team’s dressing room. Another presenter of the Argentine TV channel said that the fan was able to go to the dressing room.

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Messi-Di Maria has just recovered. Will face Panama shortly after. The presenter said that the reckless fan managed to take a picture with Messi. And so even if the police arrested him, he has no regrets!

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