Erosion of Yamuna in Sirajganj, slow in construction of permanent dam

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Severe erosion has started in Yamuna in Sirajganj. Meanwhile, the work of permanent dam worth about 6.5 billion taka is progressing slowly. So the residents of the erosion prone areas are scared. They blame the indifference of the contractor and concerned officials.

One by one, residential houses and agricultural land are disappearing in front of the eyes. In a century and a half, at least 12,500 villages of Enayetpur Thana in the west of Chauhali and the east of Shahjadpur upazila of the district have gone under the river Vita.

Last year, the government allocated Tk 647 crore for the preservation of permanent banks in an area of ​​6 and a half kilometers to prevent river erosion. But recently the erosion has increased upstream of Yamuna. Affected families spend the night under the open sky.

Government officials are planning to finish the permanent dam work soon. A permanent dam on the banks of the river will protect the livelihood of the Yamuna river. The sooner this project will be completed, the hope of the struggling people.


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