Efforts to increase investment in the stock market through training

Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) Commissioner Professor Dr. said that efforts are being made to increase investment in the stock market through training. Sheikh Shamsuddin Ahmed. In the investment education workshop, he said, BASM and BICM conduct various training programs for investors on stock market. Besides, DSE Training Academy also provides various types of training. Through this training we want to increase investment in the stock market. We are trying it in different ways.
He said these things in his welcome address at the investment education program-2023 at Mom Inn Hotel and Resort in Bogra’s Noodapara on Saturday. Minister of State for Posts, Communications and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak was present as the chief guest in the first session of the Investment Education Conference. BSEC Chairman Professor Shibli Rubaiyat-ul-Islam presided over the event.
At that time, BSEC Chairman said, we currently have all the parts needed to create a good eco-system of the stock market. Gradually it is going to a more advanced stage. We have two stock exchanges. Listed companies have farms. We have Brokers, Merchant Banks, Asset Managers, Credit Ratings Companies, Custodians, CDBL, CCBL, BICM and BASM. Besides, we have created a new institution for the stock market. That is the Capital Market Stabilization Fund (CMFF). Through this we collect distributed dividend or profit. Later it is used to stabilize the stock market.
BSEC commissioner said, investment in stock market is very important in Bangladesh. It will increase further in the coming days. In that case, I invite Bogra residents to play a role in investing in the stock market and take that opportunity. We are continuing our efforts so that individuals and institutions in the country and Bangladeshis and foreigners staying abroad can invest in the stock market.
Deputy Commissioner of Bogra as a special guest. Saiful Islam, Superintendent of Police Sudip Kumar Chakraborty and president of Bogra Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Masudur Rahman Milan was present. BSEC executive director Mohammad Rezaul Karim presented the main article on investment education in this session. Besides, BSEC executive director Md. will be the moderator of the panel discussion. Saifur Rahman.

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