Delhi covered with ‘Modi Hatao, Desh Bachao’ posters, 4 arrested

Posters demanding the ouster of Prime Minister Narendra Modi were seen in many parts of Delhi. Police have arrested four people in this incident.

Indian media Hindustan Times reported on Wednesday that the Delhi Police arrested them after conducting a search on Tuesday in connection with the poster incident. Two of them are said to be printing press owners.

44 cases have been registered in this incident. According to the police, thousands of posters were printed demanding the ouster of Prime Minister Modi. Among them, the police seized 2,000 posters from a van.

The poster read, ‘Modi Hatao, Desh Bachao’. The police claimed that the posters were being delivered to the Aam Aadmi Party office in Delhi.

The police confirmed this information by interrogating the driver of the van.

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