Cooking gas prices are increasing day by day, bring this device home to save costs

Own report: Natural gas has replaced charcoal to protect households from smoke and save the environment. The use of cylinder-filled cooking gas (Cooking Gas) has been started for several decades. However, the way LPG (LPG) prices are increasing, the middle class and lower middle class families are having to suffer. Although some families have been given separate subsidy by the government, the rest of the families are struggling to cope with rising cooking gas prices every month.

Currently, the price of cooking gas has increased so much that there are some districts in the country where the price of cooking gas per 14.2 kg cylinder has crossed Rs.1300. This money may not seem like much to those who can afford it, but it is a lot to the financially backward people. Several devices have come into the market to save costs in such situations. Because using all these devices there will be no need to use cooking gas.

Instead of cooking gas cylinders and cooking ovens, induction cooktops can be used to save costs. Induction cooktops run on electricity but don’t require a lot of electricity or monthly bills. Also using this type of device makes cooking faster. Nowadays induction cooktops are available online from various marketing companies quite cheaply. In some cases, these devices are available for as cheap as the cost of refilling a gas cylinder.

Price of Prestige Atlas Neo Induction Cooktop is 2995 rupees but offers are given from time to time. This device can be availed on offer for just Rs.1599. Some other banks may be available cheaper if they have offers. It is 1200 watt and comes with one year warranty.

Another affordable induction cooktop is the KENT 16058 Induction Cooktop. Its price is 3100 taka, but it can also be found on offer for 1699 taka. It is 1500 watt and comes with one year warranty from the company.

Similarly there is the Pegeon Acer Plus Induction Cooktop. It is priced at Rs 3595 but can be found on offer for just Rs 1899. It is 1800 watts.

USHA IC 3616 Induction Cooktop is identified as a very good product in terms of price. Its price is 4790 Tk, but it is available for only 2199 Tk during various offers. It is 1600 watt and comes with one year warranty.

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