Claims to reduce dog nuisance ‘blue water’! Hanging bottles outside the house to solve the problem?

Blue Water Bottle for stray dogs: This blue water bottle is seen hanging in the surrounding area. Why? According to the residents, the dog is to be chased away.

‘They’ roam the streets, neighborhoods, alleys. Remains healthy, happy to see the small children of the area. If they are in danger again, they come running with their teeth and mouths out. Sometimes there is also a fight for possession of territory among themselves. There are thousands of residents of West Bengal! No, they are not humans, but essences. That is, the road dog; Goda is also called Nedi Kukur by many people in Bengal. Not like an expensive labrador, pug or husky; But these desi, street dogs are just as unique.

But lately, if you walk on the streets, or in alleys, you will see a strange thing. Outside most homes, a bottle hung from a rope on the wall. It is filled with blue water. Of course, saying ‘recently’ would be a bit wrong. These blue water bottles have been seen hanging in and around Kolkata for several years. Why? Ask the residents and you will get the same answer. to repel dogs. mean? The residents of the state have started this trick to save their homes and surrounding areas from stray dogs.

Doctors say that they are afraid to drink water when they have rabies. And that disease is caused by the bite of an infected dog. Everyone knows that too. But the dog is afraid of blue water? If you put a few drops of blue in the common water of the house and put it outside, no dog will come? Do not dare to approach? Is this really the case? Even today, many people believe that this is the only ‘claim’. But it appears that dogs care little! He roams the divine area with aplomb, tail raised. He does not care for water of any color, be it blue or red. So is it all fake?

This is exactly what scientists think. It is not known who exactly started the tradition of keeping these blue water bottles. Since then, this blue round water has gone viral in Kolkata and surrounding areas. In the end, there is no gain, scientists are clearly saying. Why? Because color has nothing to do with dogs. Dogs’ eyes are structured in such a way that they cannot distinguish colors that way. So blue why, hanging water bottles of any color will ultimately yield nothing. Just because of dogs, nothing will happen to any animal. However, many houses still have that ‘tradition’ hanging on. This incident is the best proof that rumors go viral.

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