Cashless transactions will reduce financial corruption

policy Research of the institute (PRI) Chairman Dr. Zaidi Sattar said, our in the country of one after one revolution took place being Digital Also in the economy now revolution has arrived of the economy a lot the part throughout now of mobile location my idea to come five of the year in all over the country mostly transaction completed will be Cashless through And of mobile through transaction if his one footprint remained goes whose through Irregularity Corruption identified to do simple Thursday of PRI chief in the office Organized one in the seminar these talk said he

the agent of banking on pictorial of the exhibition through Dr. Ahsan H Mansur inform, The banks now branch-based Banking from get out has arrived they are the agent In banking importance gave because branch of management than the agent In banking cost a lot less of through the village from In the countryside reached gone Banking service where very easily Bank account to open can customer And deposit to keep you can money as well as loan accept to do can the agent Banking from he said, Banking method new of discovery a lot strong has been rural the economy mostly Bank that sort of transaction by doing used to them that the culture from get out to come call Said wise this Economist the agent Banking And mobile based In banking importance to give advice gave he Bangladesh of the bank the last Information According to, current of the year march at the end agent’s through deposit collection has been ৩১ a thousand ৮৩ Crore money

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