“Burned the tongue, the taste of…” as this Indian wrote about the taste of cyanide in a suicide note…

Cyanide Taste: The pen he used to write the suicide note, he used the back of the pen to drop cyanide into the wine.

“Doctors, potassium cyanide. I have tasted potassium cyanide. It burns the tongue and tastes like strong acid!”

Wrote by storm. These sentences, these feelings, were being written at great speed in less than a few seconds. After that Nijhum, it’s all over. The suicide episode is resolved. The incident is undoubtedly shocking. But this tragic event provided an answer that scientists have been searching for for ages. What does the deadly poison cyanide actually taste like? Everyone wanted to know the answer to this curious question. But if you go through the method in which the answer is possible, all the answers are closed forever.

An Indian’s suicide tells the world the answer to that age-old question. His suicide note was a description of the taste of deadly poison. The police said that the name of the person who committed suicide is MP Prasad. Goldsmith by profession. It is not known why he committed suicide. He died of poisoning before completing the suicide note. The motive of his death is not known, but the long-awaited answer to the taste of poison is known.

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The police said that MP Prasad, a resident of Kochi, stayed at a hotel. Drink cyanide mixed with alcohol there. With the back of the pen he used to write the suicide note, he dissolved cyanide into the alcohol. The smell of cyanide was only known until this man committed suicide. The white powder smelling like bitter almonds is cyanide, scientists said. If this person had not died, the taste of cyanide would not have been known. There was no written evidence of the taste of cyanide. So this suicide note is the first documentary.

MP Prasad committed suicide at the age of 32. Being a goldsmith by profession, he had a license to buy cyanide. The police speculated that the tip of the pen with which he used to dissolve the cyanide in the liquor had accidentally lodged in his tongue. Before this, many people tried to write the taste of cyanide while committing suicide, many died by writing the letter ‘S’ on the paper. No one has ever written such a long sentence.

MP Prasad’s family said he was always curious about cyanide. Prasad became more interested and curious about cyanide after reading a book by former Kerala Police criminologist Dr. James Vadakumcherry. After conducting an autopsy on Prasad’s body, doctors said that the initial amount of cyanide that entered Prasad’s body could be less than 10 mg. That is why Prasad was in a position to write several lines about the taste of cyanide.

Potassium cyanide is actually a fast-acting poison that kills people almost immediately. From Nazi leaders to Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka, they committed suicide by consuming this poison. Cyanide was the trusted poison as a means of committing suicide before standing trial or being interrogated, before being caught by the police. References to suicide by turning the pages of books mixed with cyanide are found in various parts of the literature. The case of suicide by mixing cyanide in the leaves, turning the pages with the fingers on the tongue spit is not new in mystery-thriller stories.

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What exactly is cyanide?

Any chemical containing a carbon-nitrogen (CN) compound is a cyanide. Many substances contain cyanide, but not all are deadly poisons. Sodium cyanide (NaCN), potassium cyanide (KCN), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), and cyanogen chloride (CNCl) are lethal.

Symptoms of cyanide poisoning

Lack of physical coordination
low blood pressure
Slow heart rate
Lung damage
Respiratory failure

How much cyanide is fatal?

How much cyanide is lethal depends greatly on how it is ingested, the dose, and how long ago it was ingested. Smelling cyanide is more deadly than eating cyanide. Cyanide is less of a concern when it comes into contact with the skin (unless the cyanide is mixed with DMSO). About half a gram of cyanide can kill an adult. Inhalation of high doses of cyanide can cause unconsciousness within seconds and death.

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