BNP 16 leaders and activists bail

The High Court has granted bail to 16 BNP leaders including Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, a member of the party’s standing committee, in two separate cases of obstructing the police, throwing bricks and explosives during the attack-vandalism and clashes during the BNP’s march program in the Sciencelab area of ​​the capital.

Among the other leaders granted bail are the party’s Dhaka Metropolitan South convener Abdus Salam, Gazipur District BNP President Fazlul Haque Milan, International Secretary Barrister Nasir Uddin Ahmed Asim, Juba Dal President Sultan Salah Uddin Tuku, BNP Leader Mir Sharaf Ali Sapu, Abdul Quader Bhuiyan Jewel, Abdus Sattar Patwari, Saif Mahmood Jewel, Ruma Akhtar and Abdus Sattar.

Thursday (May 25) Justice Mustafa Zaman Islam and Justice Md. When the BNP leaders applied for bail after appearing before the bench consisting of Aminul Islam, the court granted them six weeks’ advance bail. They have been asked to surrender in the Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s court during this period.

Former Attorney General AJ Mohammad Ali, Barrister Qaiser Kamal, Barrister Ruhul Quddus Kajal and Barrister Saleh Akram Samrat were present in the court hearing the bail application on behalf of the BNP leaders.

In this regard, Barrister Kaiser Kamal said, these false cases have been filed as an attempt to obstruct the ongoing democratic movement of BNP. By doing all these activities, the police are not only controversial, but they are being positioned as the adversaries of the people.

Lawyers said that a case has been filed against the BNP leaders and activists on the charges of attacking the New Market and Dhanmondi police stations of the capital, throwing bricks and explosives on May 24 in connection with the attack, vandalism and clashes at the BNP’s march center in the Sciencelab area of ​​the capital on May 23. BNP leaders applied for bail in this case and the court granted them bail.

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