Bengal Man Won Lottery | Kerala | A Bengali worker won the lottery of 75 lakh rupees in Kerala

Bengal Man Won Lottery | Kerala | A Bengali worker won the lottery of 75 lakh rupees in Kerala

Kerala: Luck doesn’t favor everyone anymore. And when it gives ‘Chappa Far K’. When, when, whose wheel of fortune will open, no one can say. Just such a person’s fortune turned in Kerala. That too is Bengali. Bengal Man Won Lottery of Rs 75 Lakhs was added to the luck of a Bengali worker in Kerala. Which is unbelievable even to him. The worker ran to the police for safety after winning the lottery.

Sheikh Badesh is a resident of West Bengal. Went to work source in Kerala. The Kerala government’s wife Shakti won the lottery there. And that’s Bajimat Bengali of that series. He was surprised to win 75 lakh rupees. He still can’t believe he won the lottery. After getting the news of his lottery win on Tuesday, he approached the Muvattupuzha police station late at night for protection.

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According to police sources, after winning the lottery, Badesh not only wanted to protect himself, but also sought the help of the police for the next step after winning the lottery. At the same time, he feared that his lottery would be stolen from him. Badesh said that he went to the police thinking about that. However the police of Muvattupuzha police station provided him with all the security promises as well as proper assistance for the post lottery winnings.

Meanwhile, the interesting thing is that Badesh won the lottery before. But his luck did not favor him at that time. According to him, whenever he used to see the lottery results, he was repeatedly disappointed. But thinking that success will come to him one day, he prospered by going to Kerala. After a long period of failure, fortune opened for him.

It is learned that Badesh was involved in road construction work at Chottanikara in Ernakulam when he bought the lottery tickets. Not long ago he came to Kerala. So Malayalam language could not be grasped in that way yet. He also said that he has come so far with the help of his friend. He said, he is very happy to win the lottery. Still can’t believe he won so much lottery money. Badesh plans to return to his home in Bengal with this money. He also said that he will spend this money on his house renovation and farming.

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