Beautiful models will serve coffee in empty shops

International Desk: Has anyone seen such a shop? No one has heard of such a store. There is no such store in this world. One such shop can be found now. Currently only 1 is being developed. However, this innovative coffee shop will create a trend of how coffee shops are going to look in the future.

Coffee will be available at the shop. Ice cream is also available. Customers can come and sit in the store to drink coffee or eat ice cream. The coffee ordered by them will be delivered to their table by beautiful models.

Several beauties will be ready to deliver the coffee to the customer’s table as ordered. But these multiple models look the same. They look the same, dress the same. Looks like twins. But none of them are flesh and blood.

One such unmanned coffee shop is set to open in Dubai in 2023. Which is the first in the world. A shop where there is neither a cashier nor an employee. All in the hands of robots.

A number of beautiful robots designed to look like supermodel Diana Gabdulina have been created to serve customers. Everything in the store will be machined. Customers also have to pay in the machine.

A shop will run. But no people will be there. The shop is set to remain open 24 hours a day. Named Donna Cyber ​​Cafe.

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