Asia Cup is being held in Pakistan, India will play in other countries

Sports Desk: Finally, the Asia Cup is being held in Pakistan. However, the matches against India will not be played in Pakistan. It is not yet decided in which country Rohit will play. It is believed that India can play matches in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Sri Lanka and even England. News from Cricinfo.

Last year, Indian Cricket Board Secretary Jai Shah said that Rohit Sharma will not go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup. Asia Cup will be held in other countries. After this, the Pakistan board was repeatedly attacked. In the end, Pakistan will host the Asia Cup, but India will play in a third country.

Since 2013, neither India nor Pakistan have played a cricket match between the two countries. Tensions at the border, questions of terrorism, allegations of aiding militants have had an impact on the playing field. However, the two countries played World Cup matches in third countries.

In this situation, doubt arose whether the Asia Cup will be held in Pakistan or not. Cricinfo reports that the Asia Cup could be held in Pakistan. But India will play all its matches in a third country. There is also a match between India and Pakistan. If India reaches the final, then that match will not be played in Pakistan, but in that third country.

The Asia Cup will precede the 50-over ODI World Cup in India. The Asia Cup is scheduled to be held in September. Asia Cup is also a 50 over game. A total of six countries play in this cup. Pakistan also threatened that they will not go to India to play the World Cup if the Asia Cup is removed from their country.

Last October, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah said that the Indian team will not go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup. But they don’t mind going to any third country to play. According to the report, now the cricket boards of India and Pakistan want to quickly come to an agreement on this matter.

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