Ashish Vidyarthi: ‘Husband’ steps into new life but Ashish’s ex-wife is still ‘Vidyarthi’

Bollywood and Tollywood popular actor Ashish Vidyarthi started a new chapter of his life on May 25. Married to Assam’s daughter Rupali Barua. They gave each other legal and social recognition as spouses in a low-key ceremony in Kolkata in the presence of family and close friends. That picture has gone viral on social media. Incidentally, Ashish was earlier married to actress Shakuntala Barua’s daughter Rajoshi Barua. There is also a lot of discussion going on in the social media about the link between the titles of the actor’s ex and current wife. But what kind of situation is Rajasi going through this time?

Rajsi Barua posted twice on social media within 17 hours of her ex-husband’s wedding. He wrote on social media, ‘Let all your worries and doubts come out of your head. Let transparency come instead of deception. Let the peace of life come, let the status come. You were strong enough for a long time. Now is the time to receive the blessings. You deserve it.’ Then Rajasi posted a personal message and wrote, ‘Don’t get lost in the maze of life.’ Despite writing so much, Rajsi later deleted the posts.

But still when you open the Instagram account of Ashish’s ex-wife Rajsi Barua, her name comes to mind. Even after breaking up with her ex-husband, the title ‘Vidyarthi’ is still shining next to her name. Incidentally, after marriage, Rajsi was known as ‘Pilu Vidyarthi’. But is Rajsi still trying to include her ex-husband in her life? Rajsi also has a son with Ashish. Name means student.

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