Ashish: Ashish danced his waist with his wife Rupali, see photos of the wedding moment

Bollywood actor Ashish Vidyarthi got married again on his wedding day, surprising everyone. At the age of 60, he got married for the second time. Fashion designer Rupali Barua gave sindoor to Sinthi. On Thursday, they organized a very modest wedding ceremony. Ashish and Rupali got married in court on Thursday in the presence of close people. However, some of their pictures have come to light recently, which shows that even though there were only a handful of people, their wedding ceremony was very crowded with dancing and singing. It is reported that their wedding ceremony was held in an elite club in the city of Kolkata.

The actor was seen as a groom in the viral picture. She was seen in Kerala traditional dhoti. Around his neck was the traditional towel of Assam. Next to Assam’s gold and white mekhla, silver was seen. She wore gold jewelery in South Indian designs.

In the recently released picture, Rupali is seen dancing Bihu with her hands on her waist and head, Ashish is also dancing with her hands on her waist. Somewhere Ashish is seen fixing his wife’s necklace. They were also seen taking pictures with Rupali’s daughter in one picture. Like Ashish, Rupali also has a child. Daughter attended mother’s wedding with joy. Ashish-Rupali was overjoyed.

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