Arab grandfather is over, India is bringing petrol diesel alternative, the world will watch

For several months now, there has been a lot of thinking about running hydrogen trains instead of diesel trains in India. And work on that is going on at a very fast pace. If everything goes well, hydrogen-powered trains will run in India within a few days. Railway authorities said.

Tenders have been called for running 35 hydrogen trains last week on the initiative of the government. But now the news has come about hydrogen fuel. Indian Railways (Indian Railways) authorities are discussing this with companies like Siemens, Cummins, Hitachi. But to run the hydrogen train, that hydrogen must be produced within the country. It is not possible to operate by importing hydrogen from outside. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has given a great gift to India moving towards the goal of self-reliant India.

This SFC energy company manufactures and sells hydrogen and methanol fuel cells. Very soon they will produce this green fuel in India. This company can set up a factory in Gurugram. It may be noted that the central government has set a target of investing $44 billion by 2030 under the Green Hydrogen Mission.

Not only that, an Indian company is also working on manufacturing hydrogen fuel cells within the country. The name of that company is H2 Power. However, their production capacity is very limited. If India becomes self-reliant in the production of methanol and hydrogen, it will be able to give a worthy answer to the Arab world in the future.

Incidentally, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz came to India for the G20 meeting recently. And that’s when the German Chancellor recently sat in a meeting with the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There is an agreement on green energy. It is known that they will soon start manufacturing this green energy in India.

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