And the smell will not come out, the new system is coming to the toilet of Rajdhani Express

Everyone knows about the cleanliness of long distance train bathroom (Toilet). Many complaints about this problem are submitted to the railway authorities. So they want to provide better opportunities and facilities to the passengers while traveling by train. For that, the Railways has adopted a plan to design and upgrade the existing toilets in the train.

Dirty toilets. All over the bathroom wall is a pip of water. Flies are buzzing around. Most of the time water is not available. Gutkha packets stuck to the mouth of the tube across the basin. There is also a burnt bidi or cigarette lying in a basin. As a result, the water system is completely closed. The color of the steel basin has changed to brown or red. This is the condition of the long distance trains as they have not been cleaned for a long time. However, Indian Railways said that this will not happen from now on. Keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers, the railway authorities have taken a plan to redesign and upgrade the existing toilets in the trains with better facilities.

The reason behind this sudden move by the railways is that they receive the most complaints from passengers on long-distance trains against the toilets. Passengers mainly complain about hygiene, bad smell and defects about train toilets. That’s why the Indian Railway officials based on that complaint, solved all the problems in newly designed systems.

Recently, the Railways introduced an AC coach with four newly designed Bio-Toillets on the Ranchi Rajdhani Express as a pilot project. After the successful conduct of this pilot, Indian Railways said that they will soon introduce the same facilities in all trains from now on.

According to various sources, the new toilets introduced in this train are going to be very modern. These upgraded toilets will be equipped with automatic hygiene and odor control systems. Water taps and soap dispensers will also be touchless and sensor based, Indian Railways said.

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