Amritpal Singh Polymorphic! Punjab Police published the picture of Amritpal’s satrakm look

Amritpal Singh Polymorphic! Punjab Police published the picture of Amritpal’s satrakm look

New Delhi: From the face covered with a beard to clean shaven, Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh (Amritpal Singh) has been released by Punjab Police (Punjab Police). Amritpal has been hiding his body for the last four days, the police hope that local people will help him by releasing pictures of various avatars.

A total of seven sets of photographs of Amritpal have been released by the Punjab Police. The 30-year-old Khalistani leader likes to dress up as Sikh militant Jarnel Singh Bhindranwale. But in this picture, he is seen in different colored turbans and different hairstyles. There are even pictures of the turban-less and full-bearded-mustache look. He looks completely different in that look. Incidentally, in an exclusive video that came to the hands of an all-India media on Tuesday, Amritpal Singh was seen disappearing after being hit by a car. His associates were with him on the bike.

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This morning, the Punjab and Haryana High Court reprimanded the Punjab Police for Amritpal’s repeated escape. The court asked the Punjab government, you have 80 thousand policemen, what were they doing? How did Amritpal Singh escape? The High Court termed this incident as a failure of the intelligence department.

Recently, 30-year-old Sikh leader Amritpal Singh has come forward with the demand of Khalistan. Punjab Police launched an operation last Saturday to nab him. He has not been caught yet. After arresting one of Amritpal’s associates, he and his followers stormed a police station with swords, knives and guns. Many of the police personnel of the police station located on the outskirts of Amritsar were injured in the attack in broad daylight.

According to government sources, Amritpal maintains close ties with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI (ISI) and some militant groups based abroad. He is believed to be close to Britain’s Khalistani militant Avtar Singh Khanda and is believed to be a key factor behind Amritpal’s popularity. Amritpal is forming a team by gathering youths from various de-addiction centers in Punjab, this is also the news.

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