Allahabad High Court | The Allahabad High Court upheld the canceled employment of Yogi State

Allahabad High Court | The Allahabad High Court upheld the canceled employment of Yogi State

Lucknow: Relief job seekers. The Allahabad High Court on Monday canceled the recruitment of 69,000 assistant teachers in primary schools due to errors in the application forms of the applicants. That is why Uttar Pradesh government rejected several candidates due to inconsistencies or errors in the application form related to “Shiksha Mitra”. It is in this context that the job seekers got relief on this day.

A bench of Justice Om Prakash Shukla observed that if a candidate places himself in an advantageous position by furnishing certain information in his online application, his application will not be rejected. Lucknow High Court Single Bench Justice OP Shukla gave this order. The High Court has ordered the re-formulation of the full list of 69 thousand assistant teachers. This order may also affect currently selected candidates. It remains to be seen whether the government will challenge it in the high court or not.

Candidates seeking reservation in the last 69,000 primary school assistant teacher recruitments appeared outside the Education Minister’s residence in Lucknow on Wednesday and besieged the residence. The Lucknow High Court on Monday considered the list of 69,000 assistant teachers as incorrect in its order. The High Court said that the government should show full 27 per cent reservation for OBC-SC category and 21 per cent reservation in the government list of candidates including categories, sub-categories. The candidates had been agitating for three years alleging the reservation scam. There has been talk of reservation scam in more than 19,000 seats in the recruitment of teachers.

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In this case, the petitioners say, against the reservation of more than 19 thousand seats, the government reserved only 6800 seats. It was also said that on 5 January 2022, a list of 6,800 people who confessed to the scam was released. The High Court has completely rejected the list admitting irregularities in reservation in 6,800 seats related to over 19,000 reservation scams. The High Court has ordered to revise the entire list within 3 months. The High Court accepted the contention of the candidates regarding reservation as correct. The Lucknow High Court admitted that there was a reservation scam in recruitment. On December 8, 2022, the Lucknow High Court reserved an order regarding the reservation scam.

This decision of the High Court is being considered as a big blow to the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, the students who were denied appointment to the post of assistant teachers also protested many times in Lucknow and other places. When the matter was taken up in court by the students, the High Court gave this verdict.

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