A terrible solar storm is coming! Human civilization is going to be in danger?

Solar Storm Equinox Coming :

He came back again. Since mid-February, Chandifata has been hot. Along with this, the weather is freaking out. Heavy rains in the heat of March, frogs calling by the roadside, then heat again. This is the common people of Djerba. In that, the researchers indicated a new danger. A terrible solar storm is coming. And the world can fall under his control.

NASA had already predicted the solar storm long ago. Scientists have already seen a sample of a solar storm in 2023. Then again this signal, the possibility of a greater danger? NASA scientists say, there is no need to delay too much. The solar storm can hit this month, i.e. at the end of March. Studies have already shown that several solar spots have become active. So the fear is increasing.

What could be the danger? Scientists say that it is not possible to understand now. But when a solar storm comes, all our technology will become dumb. If a strong solar storm occurs, satellite systems, telephone networks, the Internet will all be temporarily down. Also several power grids may be affected. There is also harmful radiation, which has the potential to cause other harm as well. But the biggest question is, when the solar storm?

In response to this question, scientists have provided some surprising information. And at the heart of that answer is March 21. What is the specialty of this day? While studying in school many times asked about this special day. The total length of day and night is equal in both days on Earth. One of them is 21 March. It is called Vernal or Spring Equinox (Vernal Equinox). Scientists say, strangely, the worst solar storms happen around this time of March. This year too, the storm is likely to occur around March 21. But why does this happen?

As day and night are equal on March 21, the subsolar points pass through the equator. Meaning, since both hemispheres are equidistant from the sun, the equator becomes the main driving force. Even as we know, the Earth has its own magnetic field around it. On March 21 i.e. equinox, the magnetic field loses strength as it moves towards the pole. And it is this magnetic field that protects the Earth from various radiations including the heavy damage of solar storms. Since the strength of the magnetic field is weak at this time, even small solar storms can become large. So everyone is waiting around the day of March 21.

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