A straight death penalty for same-sex relationships! Endangered LGBTQ rights in these countries around the world

Anti LGBTQ Law Death Penalty : Those who do not obey this new law, they can be imprisoned for life. Considering the ‘amount of the crime’ one can even be sentenced to death!

Be it love or marriage – any relationship has no religion, caste. There is no gender. Not only men and women, but people of the same sex can be attracted to each other. You can fall in love and even get married. Over the past several years, many such scenes have been seen all over the world, including India. The LGBT movement, their rights as human beings, dignity, respect – these have been fighting for many years. Their demand is that the rainbow will shine and freedom will shine. But the leak of law appears as a thick cloud on that sun. And the people of the LGBT community have to be bloody there. Now they are ‘unusual’ in the eyes of other people, they look askance on the way to and fro.

Recently, Uganda also saw such a scene. Recently on Tuesday, i.e. 21 March, the anti-LGBTQ bill was passed in the parliament there. It is clearly stated that, in case of male-male or two-female relationship, any same-sex relationship will be considered as a punishable offence. What is the punishment? According to Ugandan ministers, those who do not comply with this new law can be sentenced to life in prison. Considering the ‘amount of the crime’ one can even be sentenced to death!

It is often said that we are living in the ultra-modern age of the 21st century. As science and technology are exploding, old, wrong ideas and rules are being erased. But modernity has not fixed everything, human rights are still under water, this incident in Uganda is proof of that. President Iweri Museveni has not yet signed the bill. It will become law once the President signs it. Meanwhile, a few ministers in the parliament opposed this law. But according to the majority, same-sex love or relationship is a punishable crime, a sign of abnormality!

Of course, why only leaders and ministers will be talked about. The majority of Ugandans are cheering for this bill. According to most of them, the LGBT movement is an enigma of the West. It is against ‘normal rules’, so gay, lesbian or trans men, women should be punished! Of course, it is not enough to look at Uganda alone. According to international media reports, the LGBT movement in most African countries criminalizes same-sex attraction. According to a BBC report, homosexuality is still considered a crime in 69 countries around the world. Half of its countries are in the African continent! Also in 2014, gay men were arrested in Uganda, causing a great uproar around the world. But this law is proof that the situation has not changed that much.

Apart from Uganda, homosexuality is a hate crime in countries like Iran, Nigeria, Qatar, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan. Death penalty is also given as punishment in these places. But change is coming slowly, think sociologists. Why? Countries like Angola, Gabon, Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Singapore have changed their strict laws. Homosexuality is no longer a crime in India either. The movement will continue until the British colonialism or colonialism goes completely, the awareness, education among the people does not reach. Ugandan gay people are keeping this hope alive in their hearts along with great uncertainty, moaning and dark corners of the room. The rainbow sun will rise there.

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