4 beauties of the film were top actresses, see if you can recognize them

Entertainment Desk: Many people are interested to know the personal life of celebrities. With the help of social media, all the information of celebrities comes out in front of people very easily. Sometimes pictures of various celebrities go viral on social media.

Many times fans can’t recognize the celebrities after seeing all those pictures. One such picture has gone viral on social media. The picture shows four beautiful women. These four beauties are famous popular actresses of Bollywood. I will tell about them today. Let’s know the details from this report.

Recently there has been a lot of excitement among fans around a picture on social media. The film features four of Bollywood’s most popular actresses. After the picture was published, two of them went viral on the internet. He is making various comments along with liking the picture. Incidentally, these four actresses ruled Bollywood in the 50s-70s. They have given many popular films to the audience.

The woman seen in the blue saree in the picture is actress Shubo Khotek. Actress Anita Guha is in a green saree next to actress Shubo Khotek. Then at number three is actress Nanda, who is seen in a cream colored saree. At number four popular actress Wahida Rehman is seen wearing a pink saree.

Know about the four actresses

1) Shubha Khote
Shubo Khot was born in a Marathi-Konkani family. She was once a popular Bollywood actress. He was seen in films like ‘Paying Guest’, ‘Love in Tokyo’, ‘Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai’, ‘Andaz, ‘Ba Bahu’ and ‘Baby’.
His younger brother Viju Khote, who is also a popular Bollywood actor.

2) Anita Guha
Actress Anita Guha has worked in many hit movies. But he gained more fame for playing mythological roles. The role of ‘Joy Santoshi Ma’ made the actress memorable. Besides, she also played the role of Sita.

3) Nanda
Actress Nanda has played lead roles in many hit films. She was one of the most beautiful actresses at that time. He has many hit films under his belt. His notable films are ‘Jab-Jab Phul Khile’, ‘Gumnam’ and ‘Prem Rog’.

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4) Wahida Rehman
Another popular Bollywood actress is Waheeda Rehman. Apart from Hindi, he has worked in many Telugu, Tamil and Bengali films. In the 1950s-70s, he showed his charisma in films. She has been awarded Filmfare, Lifetime Achievement Award, National Film Award for Best Actress and two Filmfare Awards for Best Actress.

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