111 years of terrible history under the sea! The rare photos of Titanic will surprise you

Titanic: How is the Titanic, a rare sight seen for the first time…

A 111-year-old shipwreck has come to light. That’s not the ship, the Titanic. His presence in the history of the world is momentary but his existence is long lasting. Although it may sound surprising, this is true. Recently, a picture of a history accumulated at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for a long time has gone viral in the net world. The wreck of the famous Titanic ship.

That incredible scene. A door frame floats in the icy waters of the Atlantic. The heroine is clinging to that like a straw. Jack, the hero, is clinging to the floating ladder. Later, however, a speedboat comes and saves the heroine Rose, but the hero is lost in the abyss. The name of the film is ‘Titanic’. Hollywood epic released in 1997. Which is not only the English language but also among other language speakers. However, this incident is not just a story, it is just a picture taken from the reality.

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Although the movie is from 1997, the incident is much earlier. About 111 years have passed since the incident. But for such a big event to be dimmed from the memory, maybe these few years have been very little time! Even today, the incident still hurts. No one from that time may be alive anymore, but with time the horror of that event has come out to the next generation as well. Which is more valid.

Whether ‘Titanic’ was a mere accident or a shipwreck, many more questions remain unanswered. Only this name of the ship has remained like a horror in the pages of history. The movie Titanic was not real though. All arranged. But the film gave an accurate idea of ​​what the real Titanic was like.

Titanic on the silver screen has steadily increased interest. And that interest has pushed towards the real Titanic. It was a discovery to build such a ship standing on the surface of the earth in 1911. The interior of which was also worth seeing. The ship was a mixture of craftsmanship and human creativity. Even today, even after so many days, the interest does not waver even for a single night. The wreckage of that ship is still buried in the depths of the Atlantic. This is the first time the picture has come out, which has never been seen before. The first full-scale digital scan of the Titanic, located 3,800 meters (12,500 feet) down in the Atlantic Ocean, has been created using deep-sea mapping.

A clear 3D view of the entire ship emerged in the scan. It looks like the Atlantic has been drained. It is hoped that new information can be found about exactly what happened to the Titanic that sank in 1912.

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Incidentally, on the day of the actual incident, the ship hit a huge iceberg and sank on its way from Southampton, England to New York. More than 1 thousand 500 people died in a terrible accident. Since then, many researchers have tried to find answers to various questions about it, but even today the answers to many questions remain unknown. Since the wreck of the Titanic was first discovered in 1985, several searches have been conducted. However, the space in the Atlantic is so deep and dark that the damaged ship was never fully visible on camera.

But recent scans have captured the wreckage of the Titanic in its entirety. The scan was conducted in the summer of 2022 by deep-sea mapping firm Magellan Ltd. and Atlantic Productions. The document prepared in this regard has already come forward. According to sources, more than 7 lakh pictures of the ship were taken from every angle for more than 200 hours at a depth of about 4,000 meters under the Atlantic Ocean. An accurate 3D is created with those images. Experts claim that this 3D image will clarify the answers to many accumulated questions about the Titanic ship in the future.

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